Which Fleshlight should you choose for working on your "death grip" issue?

A quick FYI for our gay visitors: Fleshlight also makes the Fleshjack, which is the same basic product/concept, but with product designs and a shopping experience intended to be more appealing to gay customers. So check it out instead or in addition. (See recommendations at the bottom of this page.)

If you've taken a look at the Fleshlight site, you may have noticed that there is a very wide variety of models to choose from. Some are designed to help with the problem opposite of "death grip", premature ejaculation, others are designed to provide far more sensation than even that which is experienced during intercourse, and some are designed to be as realistic and natural feeling as possible. For the purposes of working on your "death grip" issue, you want to go with the more realistic options. As tempted as you may be by some of the more exotic looking texture designs, choosing an extremely intense model could possibly be counterproductive when it comes to trying to recondition yourself to enjoy actual intercourse.

The Fleshlight textures designed to most realistically approximate the sensations of intercourse are the Lotus and the Mini-Lotus textures. Specific models featuring this texture are listed below. Note that these particular models are also designed to look like vaginas. If you are uncomfortable with a product that looks like a body part, or you think your girlfriend or wife will be uncomfortable with you having an artificial vagina (or if you are gay), skip down to additional recommendations below.

Top recommendation:
The Lotus and Mini-Lotus Textures

See it here. »

Why: The Lotus and the Mini-Lotus textures are designed to be the most realistic texture produced by Fleshlight. The surface is relatively smooth but the contour shapes are more natural. If conditioning yourself to be responsive to real sex instead of your hand is the goal, realism is what you should aim for. The Mini-Lotus is the same as the lotus but the internal contours begin earlier in the pathway. This makes it easier for most guys who are closer to the "average size" to experience the sensations.

The most affordable option for getting into the Mini-Lotus texture: Use the Build Your Own Fleshlight page on the Fleshlight website. There are three steps—choose whatever you like for the the case color and the entry, and then be sure to choose the Mini-Lotus texture.


A more discrete and less expensive option:
Flight (Instructor Model)

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Why: The nondescript entry and discrete case design may be a more comfortable purchase for guys who either don't want a product that actually resembles a vagina or who have a partner who would be uncomfortable with the concept. The texture inside isn't as conducive to the purpose of getting over "death grip" as the Lotus is, but it is still better than using your hand. It is also less expensive than the regular Fleshlight, but still features the premium quality and design of an authentic Fleshlight product. However, be aware that it is shorter than a regular Fleshlight. If you are longer than 6.5-inches, you might want to stick with a larger Fleshlight.

Specific models: There are two Flight models. One is black and the other is white. Choose the White Flight model, not the black Pilot model. The white model features the Instructor texture which is less intense than the Pilot texture in the black model. You want something more mild for the purposes of getting over "death grip".

For our gay friends:
Fleshjack Flight

Unfortunately it appears that the Lotus/Mini Lotus has been discontinued for the Fleshjack line, but the Flight (white, Instructor) model recommended above is also available on the Fleshjack site. If you're longer than about 6.5-inches though, consider the Fleshjack Ice.

Note that the links above will take you to a page featuring adult sexual content. You must be 18+ to use and purchase from the sites.

A Fleshlight can help with "death grip" in two ways. First, the case prevents you from squeezing too hard. Second, it feels more like intercourse than your hand and therefore helps you become accustomed to that type of stimulation exclusively instead of being dependent on your hand. Learn more about the Fleshlight.

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