Note: "Death Grip Syndrome" is not a recognized medical condition and the ideas presented here are not meant to be and do not constitute medical advice. It is only based on personal experience. Results may vary. Problems enjoying sexual pleasure may have many causes, including stress, lifestyle, and medical issues. If you are experiencing true numbness or other problems, go see a doctor. That having been said . . .

What is masturbation death grip syndrome?

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Masturbation and sex. Both feel wonderful and you've been doing it as often as you can since you discovered it. But here lately, it just doesn't feel as good. You stroke, rub, tug, jerk, thrust—whatever it is you always do—but your penis just seems kind of numb. It's taking forever sometimes to get the O', and some days you just look at your penis and think, "why am I bothering"? Could it be that you've just gripped your penis so hard while masturbating all of these years that you've beaten the sensitivity out of it? You may very well be experiencing what is commonly called "death grip", alright, but you most likely haven't really beaten the sensitivity out of your penis. All of the nerve endings you've always had down there for enjoying touch and physical sexual sensations are all still there and alive, but your brain has become conditioned to your limited and direct method of stimulation over the years and it isn't responding as intensely to the pleasure signals coming from your penis. In short, your brain is kind of bored with your sexual diet.

This can be a frustrating situation, not only when masturbating, but also during sex. Quite often, guys will develop a style of masturbation that is so tight, focused, fast, and intense, that they can have some trouble being responsive to more subtle forms of stimulation such as vaginal or oral sex. This can be frustrating for both partners. If your regular method of masturbation is the only way you can get off, and even that is getting to be a problem, you've probably got the "death grip".

What masturbation death grip syndrome is not…

The good news is that you aren't really damaged, and death grip isn't a medical condition. It's not a disease, it's not something you come down with, and it's not something that is irreversible. In fact, getting back in touch with what feels good can be a really pleasant exercise. However, sexual dysfunction could indicate other medical conditions. If you are experiencing numbness in your extremities, or any other issues along with trouble climaxing during sex, you may be experiencing medical problems that should be checked out by a doctor. These articles are not written by medical professionals and do not constitute any sort of medical advice. If trouble climaxing persists, or you are experiencing other issues, go to your doctor.

How did you get masturbatory death grip syndrome?

From the moment you discovered it felt good to touch it, you haven't been able to leave it alone, right? That's totally normal. And since then, you've done it a lot, and—as with anything good—more always seems better. And because you've done it a lot, probably starting when you were a kid, you've had to be quick about it to avoid the embarrassment of being caught in the act. (No matter how cool you are or how cool your parents, siblings, roommates, girlfriend, or whoever are, you just don't want to get caught.) So, over time you've developed a technique for working up an orgasm very quickly. It's probably a rather tight grip, very fast motion, and maybe some intense body contractions to help push you over. The tighter and faster you tried, the better it felt.

But, death grip is also about being reliant on a single method of masturbating to a climax, and requiring more and more pressure to feel the same sensations—so much so that it interferes with your ability to enjoy the subtle stimulation of intercourse and affects your overall sexual happiness. So, although whatever method you use to masturbate may not be the same as what is described above, if you are reliant on your single method, the method is intense, and you have become unhappy with your sexual responsiveness, you've arrived at the same point.

Advice for getting over masturbation death grip.

Lifestyle and health factors can cause "death grip" symptoms also!

Especially if you are experiencing difficulty maintaining an erectionin in addition to trouble reaching an orgasm, be sure to consider any health, stress, or relationship factors that may be affecting you. Even slightly elevated blood pressure can have substantial effects on your sexual performance and health.